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Hello Producers ,

I wanted to introduce you to our new A.I.TAGS™ SMT SYSTEM™. We teamed up with the COGNEX company to complete our A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM. COGNEX, a global leader with over 30 years of machine vision research and development had the answers and now we have the finest automatic bovine heat detection and drafting system in the world!

The A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM combined with the state of the art COGNEX equipment makes your lives much easier and much more profitable! This system is a must see, it's extremely accurate, very easy to use and the best part, NO TRAINING REQUIRED!

The COGNEX camera searches each animal for a unique pattern on the A.I.TAGS SMT tag that is preset in the COGNEX software. As the animals leave the parlor they walk through the A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM. When the COGNEX equipment identifies the preset pattern, that animal is drafted, it's that easy!

No more late nights watching cows for mounting activity to interpret hard to read detectors or looking for missing chalk or paint. Using the A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM the cows and heifers are drafted at the exact same time, every time. A.I.TAGS SMT is extremely accurate heat detection; no more sorting cows, less labor, lowers animal stress, higher conception rates, reduces injuries to both animals and herdsman. It just doesn't get any better or easier than this! We have solved this age old problem.

PLUG and PLAY!  How could this even be possible

The A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM is the only plug and play system of its kind. It serves as a 24 hour, 365 days a year, automatic heat detection and drafting unit. Just apply A.I.TAGS SMT tags on your cows and heifers and watch them line up on their own waiting to be inseminated! Or, apply A.I.TAGS DRAFTING tags to auto draft for vet checks too.

We are currently looking for key dealers or distributors on a global scale. All strategic partner options are available now!

The completed A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM comes with COGNEX imaging equipment and a polished stainless steel hood that replaces the red canvas hood in the video. This is a state of the art system ready for orders now.


David A. Stampe
CEO / Founder / Inventor



A.I.TAGS SMT SYSTEM is the world’s first and only “Rub-Off” all automatic heat detection system.

Proper Placement for A.I.TAGS

Ideal placement of A.I.TAGS is between the hip bones and tailhead area. Protect A.I.TAGS from tail swatting with increased fly populations. Place the tag where the tail cannot reach it, closer to the tailhead. This will also eliminate the ends of the tags from lifting because of tail rubs. 

A.I.TAGS Rub-off Heat Detectors

A.I.TAGS tags are an excellent aid for dairy and beef producers in detecting cows in “mounting-heat”. Apply the detectors to your cows prior to “coming into heat” when synchronizing estrus cycles or after breeding and embryo transplant to check for return heat.



A.I.TAGS original rub-off heat detectors - available in 4 bright colors.

Insemination guides under the images above are a suggestion only. They are intended only as a guide on how to best use A.I.TAGS.



A.I.TAGS SMT are the only bovine heat detection tags in the world that reflect UV light! They are the brighter than any other tag used today.

Insemination guides under the images above are a suggestion only. They are intended only as a guide on how to best use A.I.TAGS.

New Products Coming Soon

Available Begininng Oct. 1st, 2018

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