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Mike Milich


We’re pleased to announce that, starting in December 2020, Mike Milich will lead our global commercial operations. Mike has also taken a stakeholder position in the company. Mike has both a financial and commercial background having worked in mergers and acquisitions, complex deal structuring and as a Business Unit Lead for Roche Pharmaceuticals.



The Smart AI™ System, invented by Dave Stampe, Sioux Falls South Dakota (Patents Pending) offers busy dairy producers a completely automated method to identify and segregate animals ready for insemination or needing vet checks. The Smart AI System was first released at the World Dairy Expo, 2019.

The Smart AI™ System reduces labor, eliminates unreliable “gut instinct” identification, improves breeding cycles, and lowers animal stress. It also reduces overhead costs by lowering open days thereby reducing semen needed and the labor required now being spent on extra inseminations. The system has patents pending.

The Smart AI™ System is powered by COGNEX Machine Vision Technology. When cows or heifers pass through the system the COGNEX equipment identifies a preset pattern (COGNEX pat-match) meaning the animal has been mounted multiple times, the drafting gate then opens automatically to sort that animal into a pen with other animals ready for insemination.

The COGNEX equipment does even more!

It also identifies Smart A Drafting Indicators (Patented). A device manually attached by the herdsman when an animal needs to be auto drafted for a vet check. The system can auto draft those animals to a separate pen from those animals already sorted for breeding.

The Smart AI System works for the producers 365 days a year, not only for breeding!

When it comes to heat detection, dairy producers need actions that deliver profits.” Smart AI is easy to use! It's the only Plug and Play heat detection and sorting system of is kind!

The Smart AI™ System offers SEVEN distinct advantages:

Advantage #1: Labor Reduction

The Smart AI™ System reduces labor by eliminating the need to identify dairy cows in estrus by sight. No matter what visual system is used, other systems rely on visual identification by humans. The Smart AI™ System requires no technical training. Simply apply the Smart AI Indicators and watch the cows and heifers line up to be inseminated.

Advantage #2: Eliminate “Gut Instinct”

The Smart AI™ System eliminates gut instinct by removing the human from the decision process; The COGNEX Machine Vision Technology  NEVER makes a mistake! The instant COGNEX decision eliminates both false positives and false negatives.

Advantage #3: Improved Breeding Cycles

The Smart AI™ System improves breeding cycles by eliminating the chance that the dairy herdsman will miss an insemination opportunity. Reducing open days means more accuracy with calving dates. Each morning or evening, the producer will find a pen of animals ready for service that are in the “12 Hour Rule” of breeding.

Advantage #4: Lower Animal Stress

The Smart AI™ System reduces animal stress by reducing the frequency of handling and examination by humans. Milk production is easier to control when animals can avoid stress.This also reduces the chance of injury to both the animal and the herdsman, especially with inexperienced farm hands.

Advantage #5: Use Less Semen

The Smart AI System will allow you to reduce your costs of semen. You will inseminate your cows at the right time reducing open days.

Advantage #6: Lower Billable Hours

Using less semen means fewer hours spent doing AI or fewer hours billed by your AI technician. Adds more profit to your bottom line!

Advantage #7: Lower Your Overhead Costs

The Smart AI System's accuracy will increase conception percentages, reduce open days and result in using less semen.

Smart AI System

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.



David A. Stampe
CEO / Founder / Inventor


Smart AI Indicators

The Smart AI System is the world’s first and only COGNEX equipped all automatic sorting and heat detection system.

Proper Placement

Ideal placement of Smart AI Indicators is between the hip bones and tailhead area. Protect Smart AI Indicators from tail swatting with increased fly populations. Place the Smart AI Indicator where the tail cannot reach it, closer to the tailhead. This will also eliminate the ends of the tags from lifting because of tail rubs.